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Ring in Racquetball ATA Case

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Ring in Racquetball

Testimonials about the Ring
in Racquetball Trick

Jim Riser of The Magic of James P. Riser (Genii Magic Forum) says...

"Lou Leventhal, along with Doug Malloy of Malloy Modern Magic, have come up with a beautiful piece of apparatus with this item. In addition to the quality construction and materials, a lot of behind the scenes designing has been done. The non-glossy finish on the wood adds class and will be appreciated by pros. In short, Lou's apparatus can be a very classy looking versatile item for the creative performer. I like it!"

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About the Ring in Racquetball

Effect: A racquetball is tossed into the audience to select a volunteer with a valuable finger ring. After racquetball is returned to magician, it is vanished. Magician comments that volunteer's ring is filthy, and offers to clean it with a "jeweler's hammer" to knock off the dirt. Ring is smashed to bits.

Throughout the routine, a beautiful cherry wood box has been sitting onstage. It contains a "lovely parting gift." Opening the box, an inner box/cage is seen inside. The volunteer opens the cage, and removes another, smaller wooden box, covered in elastic bands. Upon opening the smallest cherry wood box, the volunteer finds what she lost only a few minutes earlier the racquetball used to bring her onstage!

The volunteer picks up an ordinary knife from the table and hands it to the magician. He saws the racquetball in half. Inside the ball is the spectator's ring, which she takes back to her seat, along with both halves of the racquetball. The volunteer, and the magician, humbly accept their enthusiastic applause.

  • Very easy to perform and can be done completely surrounded!
  • This original effect has been refined and audience tested for 25+ years! Nothing is held back! Comes complete with absolutely everything that you need to perform this mind-boggling, reputation making comedy routine!
  • Each piece is quality hand-crafted by Malloy Modern Magic out of brass and beautiful hardwoods. This will become a valuable collector's piece, but it is made for the professional performer. Quantities will be very limited!


More Testimonials about the Ring in Racquetball

Bill Palmer, MUM Magazine Reviewer says...

"Lou has a winner here with this one!

"I received the Ring in Racquetball a couple of days before Christmas. Well, I opened the big box this evening. I finally had a chance to look at the props and watch the DVD. Here are my impressions:

  • The first thing I was struck by was how well everything was packed. That's usually a good indication that care has been taken in the production of the prop.
  • Next, I opened the box that contained the outer box. I immediately noticed that the box has a satin finish. The average collector won't understand this. Some performers won't either. But to me, it indicated a working knowledge of the stage. Glossy props produce glare. Satin finishes look normal -- whatever that is! Also, the box is sturdily built, but not overbuilt. It has a nice weight, but it's not so heavy that it takes a weightlifter to work with it.
  • Then I looked at the "little box of goodies." I figured that they must contain all the items I need to do the routine (other than a table), because there was a little hammer, two knives, lots of rubber bands, glitter and pay envelopes. A combination like that means someone has an intention of wreaking entertainment on people. Ring + hammer + glitter = wicked humor.
  • Finally, I opened the last box. I saw the cage -- very well made, and a good contrast to the outer box, as well as the inner box -- nice blend with the outer box. I noticed there were two racquetballs and a package containing a DVD, a set of instructions and a large black cloth. Again, indications of good thinking. Also, the quality of the pieces cannot be overemphasized. This is all extremely well-made stuff, as well it should be.
  • So, I watched the DVD. This is very well produced. It leaves NOTHING to the imagination. The instructions, themselves, are given down to the tiniest detail. Seeing two different performances under widely differing conditions, as well as how the spectator needs to be managed means that the first time a person tries to do the routine, the chances of absolute success are about 99%. It will require rehearsal, but there is nothing at all difficult in the routine.
  • I especially like the fact that the racquetball is apparently inspected before the routine starts. The vanish of the ring does not require fire. This is a big no-no in a lot of venues. But the vanish has the same impact, if you will pardon the play on words as burning a ring normally would -- more actually, because of the glitter gag.
  • The price tag may scare a few people away. This is as it should be. This is not something that you want everyone to be doing. But having built wooden props in the past, and knowing what goes into it, I can say that the price tag is quite reasonable. A working pro will amortize this quickly.
  • The routine, itself, shows a lot of critical thinking and what some people call "flight time." If I were not semi-retired, I would purchase this in a heartbeat."


Michael Siegel, on the Magic Cafe says...

"I recently received Mr. Leventhal's Ring in Racquetball and I can honestly say that it is the best and most practical ring in impossible locations I have purchased.

"All of the props, including the outer box and the cage, are beautifully made. They can easily be proudly displayed on a collector's shelf but a working professional would be equally proud to use them.

"While the props are expensive, they are not expensive considering what you receive. What you receive are beautiful, elegant props, a unique and entertaining routine that has been tested, refined and used by Mr. Leventhal for many, many years.

"I own several nest of boxes including Mr. Richard Gerlitz's now unavailable Butterfly Boxes. While Mr. Gerlitz's Butterfly Boxes are truly beautiful and mechanically perfect, I would only perform with it in a limited venue and it is not something that I would take on a regular basis to a formal show due to the angle issues and due to the fragile nature of the boxes. However, Mr. Leventhal's Ring in Racquetball is not only beautifully made, but built to peform on a regular basis in any venue without regard to angle issues.

"I would suggest that you purchase the ATA case for the additional fee to protect your investment.

The effect is powerful. The routine is unique and entertaining. The props are gorgeous. The method simple, direct, and clever. I highly recommend this effect."